Airtech Studios Gearbox Installation Kit (GIK) - All AEG Gearbox Versions (Red)
Product Code: GIK-TM-RED
Brand: Airtech Studios
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All airsoft guns sold to US customers are affixed with an orange tip permanently.

Airtech Studios
Price: US$13.33

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  • Prevent the Anti-reversal and Trigger from popping out while attempting to assemble the gearbox back together after an upgrade/ maintenance and save time from countless attempts on the reassembly.

  • The GIK clips will clamp down on the ARL latch and trigger while you perform your upgrades or maintenance, right up to the end.

  • Once the two halves of the gearbox plates are back together, you can then remove the clips and continue to install the screws.

  • The Gearbox Installation Kit ensures a swift and easy way maintain or upgrade the gearbox.

  • Compatible on all gearbox versions.

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Item Weight (gram)
12g / 42g with packing
Built Material
Major Color
Airtech Studios

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