SHS M170 Quenching Strengthen AEG Spring
Product Code: SHS-M170
Brand: SHS
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All airsoft guns sold to US customers are affixed with an orange tip permanently.

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Production Description
  • Quenching Metal Construction Upgrade Spring M170 Supreme Quality Airsoft Electric Gun Spring
  • Advantage: Strength and Good screw pitch, tens of thousands of times without shortening nor deformation
  • What is Quenching ???
    • Quench hardening is a mechanical process in which steel and cast iron alloys are strengthened and hardened. These metals consist of ferrous metals and alloys. This is done by heating the material to a certain temperature, depending on the material. This produces a harder material by either surface hardening or through-hardening varying on the rate at which the material is cooled. The material is then often tempered to reduce the brittleness that increase from the quench hardening process. Items that may be quenched include gears, shafts, and wear blocks
Additional Information
Item Weight (gram) 15
Major Color Black
Built Material Metal
Manufacturer SHS

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